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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  September 18, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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been there for years. >> bob: he's greek. >> andrea: so i don't care -- >> bob: you're sympathetic. >> greg: there is a gold bookstore near me that is closing soon. my life is over. >> eric: that's five five. thank you i'm andy levy filling in for greg gutfeld. enough about him. let's go to jed do lie yaw be law. what is coming up on tonight's show? >> coming up on tonight's show, riots continue throughout the middle east and we will answer a question, is this about irreconcilable cultural differences? and does the muslim rage go too far? and it is the one-year anniversary of occupy wall street. we will look at what they accomplished and what their festivities look like. there is not a tent in sight. and mcdonalds taking a hint from michelle obama? they will be posting calorie
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counts on their boards and grilled mcnuggets may be in your future. >> that's disgusting. thank you, jedediah. i am here with author and political commentator -- imogen lloyd web earth. dash cash webber. it is comedian joe devito. hi, joe. >> hi, andy. >> bill schulz, he feels like mark sanchez, incomplete. and now a columnist for tablet mab. >> a block, the lede, that's the first story. >> very graphic, mike. that's new. well, calm has been restored in the middle east -- is something nobody will say ever. protesters continued to vent over the anti-islam video directed by america. it is true, check out mdb. crowds burning cars and throwing rocks at a military base in afghanistan. at least i'm told that's why they were protesting. and anger was expressed
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angrily in indough intoe shaw, pakistan and death to america-stan. don't know why we gave aid to death to america-stan, joe. the new york times noticed that cultural differences are fueling the fiewr row. they believe to be free from insult to i'd fees and values -- to identities and values. unlike where freedom of expression rules. the times reporter writes, quote, in a context wherein results to religion are crimes and the state has tightly controlled almost all media, many in egypt like many other arab countries they find it hard to understand that it feels limited by free speech rules and even the most noxiousbiggot by bill. one sign said, shut up, america. no, you shut up. that toasted him. michael, welcome to the show. so people in countries such as egypt are used to the government controlling the media and we are still -- we are supposed to think that's why they are blaming the u.s. government for the stupid
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video. >> that's completely wrong. it is wrong on 700 levels, but the idea that people don't understand this is just false. i don't know how anyone is trying to back this up. but they do understand it. they just don't like it. you see that in the article. people say, well, what you do in your country is you candy fame fame -- there is a great quote in the new york times that we don't do that sort of thing here. comrade, have you not watched egyptian television recently? i'm sure on one of the three channel there's is an anti-sametic show. >> it is not like they don't den gnaw grate judyism -- judaism all the time. they say we can do whatever the hell we want and we do it consistently. we don't get upset when muslims are blown up, but we do get upset when some no name christian egyptian incidentally puts up a video on youtube. >> why did obama make this
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movie? >> in kenya. >> tax break. >> imogen, is it a cultural difference thing or is it not and we shouldn't be thinking about that? >> there are cultural differences. i am blaming technology here. the problem with technology means is that we have to start having an ethical foreign policy or you look hipocritical. you can't really get away with that anymore because of the internet. along with technology, they have anti-islam and they can add fuel to the fire by extremist videos and so forth. it is a bit more balanced and how the governments coat with the technology there. >> but why are we being told particularly by some of your fellow travelers on the left where you reside that we -- i am the host so i say you do. everybody plays a role on this show, imogen.
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>> fine. >> we have to be sensitive to cultural differences, but nobody ever says they need to be sensitive to cultural differences. we have to respect their belief that you can't insult mohamed, but they don't have to respect our belief in free speech. >> i think that is changing, andy. and the islamic governments will have to step up in the middle east and put a lid on these people adding fuel to the fire. they are going have to. they are 25% of the world's population is muslim and we have to figure out how to work together. >> a lot of them don't seem interested in working together. >> that's a bit sad. >> i am a big believer in everybody working together. >> one egyptian man interviewed by the times said, quote, to see the islamic world in this condition of underdevelopment, this is a bigger insult to the prophet than that film is. should he be stoned for saying that, or is it possible he was stoned when he said that? >> that's the thing we need to hear more of. to imogen's point, they shot
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this video that looks like it was shot on an iphone. this is what we are getting upset about. it is a video nobody saw. >> you just insulted the iphone and davie and goliath. >> and the christians that made it. >> a fine show. >> yes. >> you be quiet. >> i wish that was what we heard more of. i wish we had seen more of -- there were videos of protestors in america who were pro american. we see these angry streets. the idea that this video set them off, that's absolutely nonsense. the attack on the libyan consulate, they had rocket launchers and grenade launchers. this was not something they were like -- oh, we heard about a movie on youtube. grab these weapons we have in hand. it is nonsense. if not for this video, they would have seen something else. >> and just to be clear, there was an absolutely loathe so many response from the administration. >> they said on all of the sunday shows, there was a
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video that was not -- this is a demonstration that just materialized because people were angry about a individual yoy and decided to murder the american ambassador which i think is one of the more offensive points in the story which is just thick with offensive and stupid things. >> and also a writer is blanking on his name, the attack on the military base came after a weekend where we killed a bunch of villagers. and we brought the dead bodies with them to the -- while they were protesting at our military base which makes it highly unlikely this is about a movie. >> to make it about the movie it is there. >> their apologies and stuff i am getting sick of it. it is like an abused wife should take a cooking class to alleviate the situation. no, you need to get out of this relationship. that's what we need to do with a lot of the governments and the culture in the middle east. i think that's where the liberal arrogance, they say the -- conservatives are
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arrogant, but it is the liberals. everybody values free speech and women with equal rights, but they really don't. that's something we value. but it is not a universal value. >> and not even everyone in the united states and commenters on this issue. >> i can't believe i am saying this, but billet me get you into this. i want to talk about the news week cover. ron, can we put that up? you have the big muslim rage. bill, do you think they knew this cover would be controversial? jk. >> or are they enraged? that could be outside a justin bieber concert. they are enraged or in ecstasy at whatever new single is about to drop on their village. much like the many bombs they drop on each other. and so your byes' point i have a -- to your guys' point i
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have a quote. >> the muslim brotherhood spiritual leader called for the, quote, criminalizing of assault on the caping tau tees of -- caping tau tees of all -- sanctaties of heavenly religion. they do not fall under the freedom of opinion. actually they kind of do. that's how it works. and that's going back to -- what one of you snapily dressed men said. it is not that they don't want democracy. they don't understand it. as a result i say we cash in our oil chips and get the "f" out of there. >> by the way, mohamed the body is just like jesse the body. >> he doesn't have the tank top though. >> are you disgusted by that news week cover even as you think the cover they had with michelle back man as the queen of rage is hilarious? >> i think they were both
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hilarious. those guys did look angry. >> i can't believe they bachmaned the muslims. >> are you saying there were other shots where everyone was smiling. >> they chose the one, yes. >> there is always one shot like that. >> there is this interesting thing with news week and this interesting attack on news week. the same thing happened with the cover. if we had a cover of commentary nobody would care. if neil ferguson had a piece and he wrote about obama nobody would care. there is an idea that news week is a collective thing. this is ours and i don't know if it is part of the laughter or part of the center, but there is a feeling of betrayal. the idea that there isn't some sort of muslim rage going on right now i think is madness. of course there is. does it mean that all muslims are suffering from some incontrol rage?
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no. >> finger on the nose, finger on the foes. it doesn't go both ways. okay. when we had a reporter raped in egypt during the arab spring, we didn't say all muslims. we said an isolated few were bad people. when we had our ambassador killed in libya, we said these isolated bad people. when two guys made a crap film, they made up a of america to blame. >> that is an unreasonably good point from you. >> edit, edit. >> the two people that made this film in hollywood -- the guys from modesto who made this film are two guys versus a heat map you can see on-line of the attacks and 100,000 people which is the marching
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in beirut of the bearded troll to say that this is -- i mean the government of america should apologize. there is a simmering rage going on here, and if we look at all of these global attitude polls, you can see there is a deep amount of hate. and of course that is not everybody in the muslim world. but there is a significant amount and there is a problem. if we say con constantly that there is a couple of guys, it is deeper than that. maybe muslim rage is not the best short happened. would that actually produce this kind of back sh la. >> it is okay -- backlash. >> it is okay to be anti-christian. >> i think what you are saying is that when it comes to the middle east and most western countries, what we have here is a failure to communicate. and that is from the famous paul newman movie, cars, where he plays the voice of the sudan. >> not from the sudan.
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>> from protests to propaganda, will prime time toe the -- tow the line? hit tv shows could be out to weave the president's health care law to their plots. as california is gearing up to go into affect, the on-line market place where they will shop for medical coverage has hired a major firm at a cost of $900,000. the times reported that they will seek help from hollywood, an industry that favors obama. with plans to pitch a reality tv show about the trials and trip by layingses of families living without medical coverage is not about the kardashians then and says the executives -- the exchange of the executive director, quote, i would like to see 10 of the major tv shows and talking about the health insurance thing. there are good story lines here. >> here is a good story line.
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>> what happened? >> somebody put that out there for you to play with and you got stuck in it? come here. >> but we all love happy endings. >> joe, are you looking forward to the special health insurance episode of "tripping." >> i will be happy to see how it is discussed. when ever somebody makes a point the camera zooms in on their eyes. i think it goes to show that anybody who does president think these images report being beamed into us, the people who are trying to do this are the same ones who need a fourth colored stripe in their toothpaste.
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you have to be careful what you are watching. if you are not aware of it you will see these shows and say, oh, i guess that's the way the world is. it is not. someone is trying to direct you in a specific direction. >> i never understood what the third colored stripe was for in the toothpaste, but that's just me. >> like it or not, obama care is the law. it is a new law, so does it not make sense to educate people about it? >> well, i was initially outraged about this. i thought liberal media, bias, this is naughty. then started reading about it, and apparently this has been going on with the department of education under bush was busy doing this kind of thing. so it was outrageous on both sides. >> michael, on a scale of one to 10, how much are you not surprised by this story? >> does 10 mean i am really not surprised 1234*. >> just pick one. >> just pick one and then back up what you say. >> super not surprised.
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jay that would be a 10 then. >> i think it is a big load of nothing. considering the last segment, let me send a left wing now. this is a whole lot of nothing in the sense that this is a plan. as imogen mentioned it has happened quite a bit in the past. here is the thing that conservatives don't understand about hollywood. they don't make michael moore movies because they want to make america like cuba. they make michael moore movies because they make money off of them. once they see an obama care story line placed that a script they will say, we are not going to do this. there will not be a modern family about getting a hip replacement and is up saw diesed by the -- sub subsidized by the government. >> tv shows love getting notes from executives. they are probably real excited about this. >> i really don't see how to bring a point home and looking
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at a patient saying, sorry. you don't have insurance. the cameras continue to be on the patient as she is lying there not being cared for. that's not must see tv. >> i am saving my outrage for when they want them renamed to community organizer. coming up, how do they celebrate their anniversary? we report. >> can i ask you a couple quick questions about occupy? >> no. >> a couple more laps around here and you will have a mile.
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should the 1% still be bent. it no longer makes headlines,
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and it is in celebration of their one-year anniversary. the result, over 180 protestors have already been thrown into the patty wagon along with many so-called journalists. did you see what i did there? so and called. said the association following the arrest of one of their own, quote, we are deeply concerned and troubled by the aggressive and indiscrime meant manner that they are treating those exercising their first amendment rights. so after hearing about the arrest we made bill schulz go down to the park. unfortunately he didn't meet with one stick up on his stupid, stupid head. sorry, america. >> it has been a year, but i am back at the park. i am going back there to see what's changed and what stayed the same and if there are any outdoor showers. let's do this. i am here with peter pan. what happened this. >> it is robin hood. >> robin hood, not heard of
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him. peter, i feel like you have seen better days. >> well, i don't think so. these are good days. >> where is your tinker bell, and what would see have to say about all of this? i am trying to do an interview here! >> this is exciting. shay what have you seen from a year's worth of occupying. >> he is the strong and silent type. >> we are responsible for the collapse of wall street. bear stern, goldman sacks, aig. >> mel gibson. >> i don't believe he is a banker. >> you don't have a little person protestor in there? >> no. >> that would be the ultimate weapon. cops can never arrest a little person protestor. it is not adorable. >> how about hollywood do they run hollywood? >> yes. >> bring back "full house." bring back "full house."
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god bless uncle jesse. i am not allowed to protest. if you can get in here -- if i can get in there you can smuggle me in. see if you can do it. go for it. >> what do we want? not wall street. when do we want it? now. every human being is lug again. luggage. >> it makes sense. you will see a person arrested and see somebody in the crowd yell what's your name? that's probably one of us. >> i recognize your voice. >> and we ask them do you have a person you want us to contact? give us your phone number. >> you guys are supporting occupy wall street. would you say you are their bra? you lift them up and separate them for all to see? >> the sign says outside the box, but you are inside the box. >> that would be a chicken and egg question. must i be inside the box to think outside the box? if i were outside the box would i be thinking inside the box? >> you have blown my mind a little bit. >> i know, baby.
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>> what do you think of what is going on in cuba right now? pro raoul castro, or do we say not as good as the brother? interesting. interesting. explain the difference of s is f-ed up and bull-s. >> to simple it down -- >> i need simplicity. >> it is to say that everything is not okay. >> and -- >> that's a universal thing everybody can agree with. >> are we talking about the fact that ryan reynolds is off the market? >> you know, whatever you think is not okay. >> it is not okay that ryan reynolds is off the market. and f of you blake lively. >> we don't have peddles and we are going down. if nobody does anything we are down. >> this is the titanic and i am leo and you are kate winslet, or do you want to be leo and i will be kate kate winslet? >> i am king of wall street! >> and i am losing it. >> make love, not war. thoughts? he is ruminating over it.
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>> give me your card. >> i don't have a card. >> do you want one of moo in? do you want one of mine? >> this guy has a hedge fund. you are part of the problem. another year and another zucati party. speaking of zucati, it may be 99% in there, but i am 99% hungry. >> bill, i couldn't help but notice your mic did not have a fox news logo on it. >> it didn't. that was an aesthetic choice. i felt it didn't go well with the colors presented at the park. >> people like you have something to do with two creatures i have in my apartment . >> that would be is responsible and journalism. the names of your cats. >> you have brought shame upon your family. >> look, do you want me to go there for two seconds and have
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people throw all manner of pie. >> yes, that's exactly what i want. >> or do you want a report? >> i want people to throw pie and possibly worse in your face. >> andrew, as you know there ised -- there is editing in our industry. i wanted to bring signs that did not make the final cut. what we have here is next time. >> that is so trow. >> it is sort of a warning. what so we have here? >> ways and means in skin thee jeans. >> don't know what that means. >> i liked it because it rhymes. we use that one. >> you can't use it too much. >> this is wordy, but it really brought my point home. >> make love, not war. admittedly i am a little high right now. you can see that theme in a lot of the signs. if that person is a citizen, she looks good for her age.
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>> finally, where is that inflatable rat? i love that thing. >> union rallies. >> and one they couldn't make me, sean penn gogart and my joint. that happens every rally. >> imogen, what has occupied accomplished in the year? >> it has somewhat fizzled out, hasn't it? what a big surprise. fundamentally it had a bit of a point. the system is rigged. it is not fair in america. 30 billionaires will spend more on the selection combined and the rest of america combined. that's not really right, and that's not really fair. >> i agree. >> michael, didn't ows have a chance to say something important, and then they blew it because they had to bring drums and stuff? >> it reminds me -- it turned into like a hootie and the blow fish concert. >> is that his real band? >> it reminds me of all of the talk and people saying mitt
12:28 am
romney has this opportunity with 8% unemployment and he is blowing it. same thing for occupy. but you have this moment, this perfect moment, imogen is right, massively screwed up and nothing. fizzled out caw loss sally. the thing is they had a method where you couldn't pin anything on them. some guy said this. it is also -- it is armor and it is undoing. they didn't have a point. >> and the rapes. never helpful. >> i don't think so. >> joe, last word to you, and make it about the jews. >> fair enough. that guy stays on message. i think he thinks lehman brothers were actual guys. i think it was michael on the set. at the beginning it could have been a movement where everybody said, these wall street bailoutsouts and these
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salaries are out of control. but then what -- once the anarchists set up their kiosks it is uncontrollable. you have the people with the pink hair and selling the organic food and anybody else who wanted to come in. it became just background noise. >> that's fine as long as they have a point. if you went to one of these things there was a meeting that was like a bulagrian meeting. anyone can talk for any length. at the end it was like, this is horrible. >> the thing to take away is never trust people. >> do you have a comment on the show 1234* e-mail us at red eye at fox and do you have a video of your animal doing something not boring? go to fox eye and click on submit a video. we may use it. still to come, the half time report from jed do lie yaw be law. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by beards. the hair on a man's chin and sometimes neck and cheeks that can be styled in various ways. thanks, beard.
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let's see if we have gotten anything wrong so far. something i find doubtful, jedediah. you say everybody plays a role on this show. so i would just like to bring my role back and let you know that everything you guys just said, grounds to impeach barack obama. >> like i said, we have gotten nothing wrong.
12:34 am
>> well, a few of you, imogen, i'm getting to you. i'll get there. are you talking about aid orie sining some of the -- or rescinding some of the aid we give them on a regular basis? >> we shouldn't be sending aid to any country. a country broke shouldn't be happening out charity. >> we are broke and we need to reevaluate with people burning our flag. >> it is one of my rules, if you burn the u.s. flag you should not be receiving money. if your dress is uncle sam on stilts you are [bleep]. >> imogen, you made a point about technology. you said technology can add fuel to the fire. i completely agree. i just want to make sure you are not advocating for sensorship or government intervention in terms of censoring what is out there on the internet to not hurt feelings. >> i think we have a
12:35 am
responsibility to not try and upset 25% of the world's population. but free speech is something that is great if you have it. >> we are upset about this cover because it says all muslims are angry. >> if we are upsetting 25% of the world's population, that means this upsets every muslim, right? we are making generalizations about muslims when they are upset, but not angry? i want to establish that. is that okay? >> no, you are absolutely right. is anybody in the studio? >> you are absolutely right. i don't think we have a responsibility to not upset them anymore than we have responsibility to not put the book of mormon on broadway. it is not our responsibility to coddle people. >> if you start with that process, the problem is everyone can be offended by everything. you and i can be sitting here right now and probably we are both equally offended by the things -- by the thing bill schulz said.
12:36 am
>> and i think they have a responsibility as well to live with us. it goes both ways. extremists on both sides have a bit of a problem here. >> michael, i want to ask you, why do you think the obama camp has been so determined to blame this on an amateur film. it seems like every time they get on tv it is about the film, about the film. it is not about the film. >> it is not about the film. hillary clinton made good statements too. >> i must have missed those. >> there have been a few. it puts the eye back on some loon gnaw particular -- loonetic christian in california who nobody has even seen who made -- it is not a film. we are debasing the language. >> it is a project. >> it is a 14-minute video on youtube. it is not unlike the ones sent to "red eye."
12:37 am
>> just a little more hateful. >> there are a lot of amateur films that i watch that are roughly 14 minutes. >> and are really hateful. >> and are much better quality. >> i don't want to know the content of any of those films. >> 18 and over. 18 and over. >> guys i want to go to owe bay you ma care. andy, you said the hollywood industry allegedly favors owe -- owe bough gnaw. that's a -- favors obama. that's a minus 1. >> they favor obama, but there is no allegedly. >> well, i take issue with that. you can say they allegedly favor it and they could still actually favor it. >> favor it like more than i favor ice cream would be a better phrase. >> i don't think anybody favors anything more than you favor ice cream. >> that's true. >> not all the time. they might as well been called ye regan. >> that's true. >> and imogen you were outraged and i want to say bravo for that.
12:38 am
i can't be there to be outraged so thank you. joe, i want to let you know, joe, that color -- the toothpaste with the fourth colored stripe, i just had a bril yept idea. brilliant idea. that stripe needs to be glow in the dark. >> i think they have that for kids. >> i think it was new aim, a cancer causing aim. >> i am not going to be a millionaire then, and it is your fault. >> greg usually carries that toothpaste along with the candy. i have seen it. >> i want to go over to occupy, bill. i would agree with you, we need to bring back "full house" because john stamos is delich. i support that. have any of those people down there showered yet? >> there were some very clean people. i should also say that, yes, that anti-seem might guy -- anti--semite guy made for good tape, but he was not the
12:39 am
whole. i will sacrifice journalism anytime for a freak show on my man on the streets. ji which is why you took the fox news label on your my microphone. >> that was for my own personal safety. gotta protect this. >> if you are not getting pies thrown at your face, why are we watching? >> thank you. >> i had so much saliva on me by the time i left the first time around, i have had enough hepititis in my life. i don't need anymore. >> i want to go to, let's see, andy, you said, quote, never trust people. i need to correct you. that's never trust the left. i need to offer a class for you. we need to push you to the right. >> i don't think it is going to happen, jedediah. no. >> you are not having it? >> where are we putting people like rick santorum on that continue womb. -- continuum of people. >> do we trust him? >> i am over here and andy is like over here. he has that libertarian streak.
12:40 am
>> i am up here. >> you are up here? >> you all are here. >> it is not a left-right thing. >> i want to close out with one thing i think is important. you talk about how occupy had a perfect moment to do something. why do you think it was they didn't choose to present a cohesive message. i think there is one. there is the take of capitalism. i think half of the people were homeless or not paying attention and that's why you cooperate make it happen. you say what? >> i don't talk to these people because i don't talk to most people. especially those people paying drums and things. if there is a message there is a reason you don't put it forth. it is not going to be very popular. >> correct. >> so it is best to say the banks are bad and not offer solutions because if the solutions are not going to be hugely popular. >> i don't keep up with what the kids like. if they want a great leap
12:41 am
forward. >> that would be a great leap backward. back to you, andy. that's all i have for tonight. >> great job. coming up, is it possible to be a british talking head while avoiding the obvious cliches? imogen lloyd webber discusses this while drinking tea. first, should a bio dome be your new home? only if pauly shore is included. you are watching "red eye" on fnc. stick around.
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you hit a huff over guys in the buff. one city lawmaker worries they are taking it too far. supervisor scott wiener says they do not stroll naked on sidewalks. they are charging tourists to take photo expense gauging in sex and wearing jewelry that rhymes with rock springs. he claims public nudity is the biggest for constituents and even bigger than homelessness.
12:45 am
clearly we need to discuss this in the -- >> lightning round. >> joe, as a nudist, your thoughts? >> well, say what you want about the jewelry, but you need somewhere to put your car keys when you are not wearing clothes. do you mean to tell me now san francisco is a place -- can sell my trip to the mission district. >> as a woman, how much does this gross you out? >> first of all, the british royal family should be turning up in san francisco soon. as far as i'm concerned, i don't know who put this story in, but i hate both of you. it was disgusting. the rock spring thing and i had to read about skidmarks and i can't believe there are pen marks. >> we didn't get anything about skidmarks in our pre show preparation. >> i am going to ask you about it. they have a law that states nudists have to put a towel down before they sit on public seats.
12:46 am
>> boo. >> if it has gotten to that point don't you think the whole nudity thing is not a good idea? >> do you have to make a law that you don't put your -- i can't even say it. why don't i assume i can't and realize like in the intro i was like, i don't know, i am a libertarian. and then i realize it was all guys that look like pete seager. let's hang out in the mission. i didn't know. it is gental jewelry. >> i learned a lot. >> absolutely. >> i learned it. >> you are banned from various unseemly n ares. >> are you hoping their relaxed attitudes find themselveses from other cities. >> i take showers with my bathing suit on.
12:47 am
>> the whole idea that nudists are taken so far. but then they have to come up with something else. did you see in the story, there is a school in the castro district. >> by the way, all of the conversation, it is just natural. there are a lot of things that are natural that i don't want to see in public. you can think a lot of them. >> you probably can. >> and i do. i get arrested for the stuff. but it is like, it is natural. no one is listening. >> you people are really uptight. >> thank you, joe. >> praying mantis cuts off the head of her husband after she has sex with it. it is natural.
12:48 am
>> it is time to take a break.
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a company is now selling domes to keep you and your
12:52 am
family from a biological and chemical attack. it can hold six adults or one adult and 45 cats for several days. says the inventor, quote, the reality of an attack appears to be not if, but rather when the attack can happen. anyone from civilians to military can have a protective shelter in a manner of minutes. mike, as a wacky libertarian, how many of these are you planning on buying? >> by the way, this is the kind of stuff that makes me not want to be a libertarian. >> you meet somebody and you are like, i am hoarding gold. there could be a germ attack from black drones or something. the great thing about this story was the reporter who called -- so "time" magazine calls you and it is ?ot coming
12:53 am
-- and it is not coming. >> you don't think you can buy a personal dome that will protect you from nuclear, biological, chemical agents. >> i am going to say no. >> you are just a statist pig. >> imogen, i am thinking of buying one of these. i don't care about the nuclear attack. >> the problem is it is going to take 10 minutes to inflate. you are under attack and you have to wait 10 minutes. added to it, it is not that these attacks happened somewhere like new york. they have a 10 square foot apartment. completely pointless. >> the thing is though if you are a ham radio operator you will have probably that 10 minutes. because the ham radio network usually gets all of the information first. >> it won't go down. >> and the ham radio as we all know is a radio from ham. you can eat it when you are done.
12:54 am
it is called surviving. >> i think one thing we can tell is that that sucker is built to last. >> i am just trying to imagine -- >> no wind from a nuclear -- will blow that over. >> i am just trying to imagine the emergency being trapped in a 10 by 10 room and not trying to claw my way out. >> anthrax, please. >> michael, did you have something in. >> no, i hant noticed what it looked like. it looks like where the expos play or used to play. >> bill, you have a version of this. but you put a shopping bag over your head. if you had actual human money and hiewndz how to use it -- and understood how to use it, would you use it? >> i will get i bio dome. in case things get weird, you don't seem to understand something. i am not locked in there with you. you are locked in there with me. >> i will take my chances. >> i was going to let that
12:55 am
breathe. >> joe, i think when most people think of bio dome, they of course thing of the -- think of the film the steven baldwin film. were you deceived by this headline? >> i was because at first i thought in the case of a nuclear attack there would be hilarity. >> also that doesn't come with a vcr to play my vhs tape. >> remember the hair choice that steven baldwin made for that movie, white men dreads. why? because he parties. >> that was before he found jesus. >> well, dreads are jesusy. >> that's what kicks your partying from partying hardy if you get the white guy dreads. put that in your bio dome. >> way to end the show. we will close things out with a post game wrap up from jedediah bila. go to fox eye.
12:56 am
12:57 am
12:58 am
12:59 am
time to go back to jedediah bila. >> i will be talking about the "wall street journal" tomorrow. >> i will do that. joe, do you have a big show in a few weeks? >> i do. it will be on sunday the 7th and it is columbus day weekend. it is an italian-themed show, but fun nor everyone. go to my website and get two for one passes. >> yes, the italians. i will be there. what is an anogram of kate middleton? >> it is naked model. >> i was not prepared for that.


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